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Building elements with a history

List of elements for sale

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An iD for reuse

In a circular construction economy, no building components and elements are lost.

Buildings as components depots

Thanks to upcoming industrialization, many materials and products used in buildings can be reused later on.

There is no more waste

To achieve this, it is important to - on all parts of a building - keep information like design, implementation and reuse capabilities, … available for all the stakeholders.

Tracking components

A circular identity bundles all relevant information for the client about a product and their elements and keeps it available as an online passport during the lifetime of the component.



Create passports on the spot


Property owner, manufacturer, architect, installer, inspector, contractor, agent, reseller or dismantler?

  • Scan passports
  • Attach passports to file
  • Attach product data
  • Share files
  • Add reports

Download the C-iD app and draw up a reuse inventory!

The C-id platform was based on the research project 'Applying element passports in practice' from 2023 with the support of VLAIO - Vlaanderen Circulair

Involved partners during the project: