Cookie Policy

We think it is important that you can always use our websites and applications (hereinafter abbreviated as "app") optimally. That is why we like to tailor the content better to your personal needs and preferences. For this we use various techniques, such as cookies, pixels, SDKs, local storage and similar technologies (hereinafter abbreviated as "cookies").

In this cookie statement we explain what cookies are, which ones we use, how you change your choice and how C-iD monitors your privacy. In the detailed list of our cookies you will find an overview of all cookies that we can place, classified by category. We also explain why we use these cookies and how long we keep them. You decide which cookies C-iD may use for you. You can change your choice at any time.


1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small information files that are sent to your browser when you visit a website or use an app and that your computer, smartphone or tablet stores. These files are read in every time you visit this website or use the app. Information is stored in these files, such as your language preference for the website. This way you don't have to choose it again every time you visit.

In addition, C-iD also uses other techniques such as pixels, SDKs and other technologies for its digital solutions. They have the same function as cookies: they ensure that your preferences can be stored and read.

The cookies that C-iD places are:

  • sometimes temporary (session cookies): which are deleted when you close the browser or app;
  • Sometimes permanently: they remain until they expire or until you clear them. With permanent cookies, for example, you do not always have to log in again;
  • sometimes first party cookies: these are cookies used by C-iD;
  • sometimes third party cookies: these are cookies that C-iD uses, but are placed by a domain other than C-iD.

More information can also be found in the detailed list of cookies.


2 Which cookies does C-iD use for what?

C-iD distinguishes between 6 types of cookies:

2.1   Cookies necessary for the operation of the platform and the app

These are cookies that ensure that our digital solutions work correctly. These cookies are necessary, for example, to verify your identity when you log in, to set up communication between you and our digital solutions or to save your cookie settings. You cannot refuse these cookies, because they are essential for our digital solutions to work optimally. You do not have to give permission for this.

2.2   Analytics cookies

These cookies collect information to map visitor numbers and the use of our digital solutions by all our visitors. They allow C-iD to improve the content of our digital channels, to better tailor the digital channels to the needs of the users and to increase the general ease of use.

2.3   Comfort cookies

These cookies improve your ease of use and allow C-iD to offer you a better service. We place these cookies, for example, to ensure that we do not ask you to enter the same thing again on a subsequent visit. Comfort cookies also ensure that C-iD can offer you a personalized service. The data we obtain from these cookies helps us to only inform you about services that are relevant to you.

2.4   Modeling cookies

C-iD uses these cookies to set up studies, models and statistics, which we then later use for various purposes. This may involve commercial profiling, commercial messages, the improvement of services (comfort) and the personalisation of offers for products and services of C-iD and third parties.

2.5   Cookies for commercial messages tailored to construction

These cookies allow C-iD to create commercial profiles of you and, based on this, to offer commercial messages about C-iD financial products or services that fall within your sphere of interest. C-iD can also use the data from these cookies for our partners who offer products or services in the construction sphere.

2.6   Cookies for customized commercial messages unrelated to construction

These cookies allow C-iD to create commercial profiles of you and, based on this, to offer commercial messages about non-construction products or services of C-iD that fall within your sphere of interest. C-iD can also use the data from these cookies for partners who offer non-construction products or services via C-iD. 

On certain C-ID websites, the categories 'comfort cookies', 'modelling cookies', 'cookies for tailored commercial messages about financial products' and 'cookies for tailored commercial messages about non-financial products' are bundled as the category 'other non-anonymous cookies'. On a first visit to these websites, you will always be informed of this. In our detailed list of cookies you can read where this applies.


3 How do you choose which cookies C-ID places?

We give you as much control as possible. Note: do you refuse cookies? Then some parts of our digital solutions are less tailored to your needs and preferences.

If you want to use a functionality of our app that requires permission for a certain cookie, C-iD will guide you in adjusting your cookie settings, if you wish. 

Below you will find the different options:

  • Via the website or the platform www.c-id.org: are you visiting one of our websites for the first time? Then you can accept or refuse cookies.
  • Via the apps: are you visiting one of our apps for the first time? Then you can accept or refuse cookies. 
  • Via your browser: you can refuse the installation of cookies in your browser settings. How you can adjust these settings differs per browser. If necessary, consult the help function of your browser, or go directly to the manual of your browser via these links: Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. In certain browsers, you can also choose not to be tracked by websites ("Do not track"). C-iD only takes into account its own cookie mechanism and does not support 'Do not track'.


4 What about your privacy?

In any cooperation with third parties, C-iD ensures that third parties cannot identify you on the basis of information that C-iD collects via cookies.

If C-iD collects personal data via cookies, this is always done in accordance with the privacy statement. That is why C-iD advises you to read that statement as well. 

C-iD wants to optimally tailor its services to your needs and preferences. In order to do that, we add personal data we collect through cookies to the information we already have about you. Conversely, we add a limited set of data (such as type of customer) from our systems to personalize the digital solutions. C-iD only does this if you give us your permission to use those cookies via your browser.

If you have accepted cookies for our digital solutions and later change your choice, C-iD will stop storing new data from the moment you refuse cookies. If you subsequently change your cookie choice and give your permission to use cookies again, C-iD will add the new data to the previous one.


5 What does this cookie statement apply to and what to do in case of questions or comments?

This cookie statement applies to the C-iD website, platform and app.

The controller for the processing of personal data depends on the digital solution you visit.

When you are redirected to a third-party website in our digital solutions, their cookie policy applies. Sometimes C-iD also charges third-party screens in our apps. This is the case, for example, when you use certain 'type of attachments or documents' in the app. Even then, the cookie policy of that third party applies. If that is the case, C-iD will inform you appropriately. Since the third party's own cookie policy applies, C-iD recommends that you also read their statement.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the contact points below. Do you have a complaint about the exercise of your rights? You can email, send a letter or send a message via the electronic channels of C-iD.