At this moment C-iD handouts are currently only provided during a workshop in which you are personal introduced to all the features of the C-iD platform and app.

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What is C-iD?

C-iD stands for 'Circular Identity' and is a digital tool to create element passports. You can create a digital construction file that is customizable and that you can consult anywhere. No more paper covers lying in an archive in the office. The digital environment provides a dynamic way of working where you can always add information about, for example, maintenance, replacements or repairs. This way you bundle information from the entire use phase of the element per element. A QR code is linked to an element, building or site so that you can consult the information on site.

Why C-iD?

In order to minimize the use of new raw materials and close cycles, it is necessary to reuse existing elements. Due to a lack of information, it is now not always feasible to reuse elements on a large scale for technical or legal reasons. To simplify future interventions and reuse, it is necessary to know where the element comes from, how it can be disassembled, what maintenance has been carried out on it, ... Materials and raw materials are processed into elements, which are then placed in buildings. Elements such as windows, doors or technical installations will be maintained or reused more quickly one-on-one than in their individual raw materials. That is why we work with element passports here.

How did C-iD come about?

C-iD is the output of the project 'Applying element passports in practice', with the support of Flanders Circular. C-iD was developed by several workshops with an extensive sounding board group (architects, contractors, producers, ...) and test cases with large patrimony owners. The feedback from the sounding board group and a consultation with OVAM resulted in an extensive package of parameters needed for a good element passport. The test cases made it clear how clients use the passport, which parameters they fill in and how user-friendly it should be. All this made C-iD as it is today.


Release of the app for iOS and Android mobile phones


Release of version 1.0.0


Release of test version 0.9.0


Release of beta version 0.1.0

An iD for reuse

In a circular construction economy, no building components and elements are lost.

Buildings as components depots

Thanks to upcoming, industrialization, many materials and products used in buildings can be reused later on.

There is no more waste

To achieve this, it is important to - on all parts of a building - keep information like design, implementation and reuse capabilities, ... available for all the stackholders.

Tracking components

A circular identity bundles all relevant information for the client about a product and their elements and keeps it available as an online passport during the lifetime of the component.


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