Terms & Conditions

The use of the website, platform, app, services and licenses implies the following terms of use:



C-iD: C-iD as well as the associated website, platform and app, are owned and operated by In-Vast Group, with registered office at 3600 Genk, Zagerijstraat 39 bus 1, company number BE0726.793.383, RPR Antwerp, tongeren department (hereinafter: 'C-iD').

The user: Any Belgian resident, natural person, who downloads and uses C-iD, in his own name and for his own account, and/or as an authorised representative (legal representative or proxy) of a legal person or another natural person, hereinafter sometimes also referred to as "user".

There is a distinction between:

  • users who have a customer relationship with C-iD and, under certain conditions, can access all C-iD services; and
  • users who do not (yet) have a customer relationship with C-iD and only have access to a limited number of services and functionalities within the platform and the app.

The Agreement: This Terms & Conditions. For users who have a customer relationship with C-iD.

The app: A mobile application offered by C-iD that gives the user access to the platform on which C-iD offers services via his own device and allows the user to purchase products and services from third parties.

Customer relationship with C-iD: The relationship that is established between the user and C-iD, after the customer transformation process has been completed. The customer creation process is the process by which C-ID establishes the identity of a new customer. C-iD must know the identity of the new customer before it can provide specific services to the customer.

Means of access: The means by which a user who has a customer relationship with C-iD gains access to the platform and the app.

Device: The user's mobile phone, mobile phone or instrument with which he has access to the app.

Services: The current and future services available to the user via C-iD. A number of services are only available to users who have a customer relationship with C-iD.

Information from third parties: The user can request or obtain information in C-iD that is provided by third parties, whether or not for the fulfillment of legal obligations they have. C-iD is not liable for the inaccuracy, incompleteness or inaccuracy of information provided or obtained by third parties. No obligation for C-iD can arise from this external information.


1.1   Access to C-iD platform and app

The application of C-iD is activated after registration via the platform www.c-id.org  or after downloading the app from the app store and at the first use. The user declares to know that C-iD only recognizes the 2 largest app stores and undertakes to download the app from either the apple App Store or the Google Play Store. C-iD may terminate access to C-iD platform and the app immediately and without notice of default if the user has not logged into C-iD for a continuous period of six months and/or if the user has not installed two or more consecutive updates.

1.2   Availability

C-iD guarantees the continuity of C-iD and the associated services to the best of its ability. It is responsible for the security of its systems. C-iD may interrupt services for maintenance of existing equipment and software or for the installation of new versions of software, if such interruptions are of reasonable duration. These interruptions do not entitle the user or (legal) person in whose name and on whose behalf to compensation.

1.3   New versions

The user knows that C-iD will regularly release new versions of the platform and the app (hereinafter "updates"). The user who has opted for automatic updates will always have the most recent version of the app without having to do anything.

The user who does his updates manually will receive a notification of the updates in the app store on his device.

The user knows that, once they have installed the update, they will no longer be able to use the previous version of the app.


2 Activating the C-iD app

2.1   The user already has an account through the C-iD platform

The user can log in to the app with the same account (email address and password) as on the platform www.c-id.org.

2.2   The user doesn't have an account yet from C-iD

The new user can register and create a user profile in the app and agrees to the provisions of these terms of use, where applicable (also) in the name and account of the (legal) person on whose behalf he is acting. From then on, he can use a limited number of services and functionalities. Creating a user profile does not equate to going through a customer transformation process and does not give the user access to the services and functionalities that are only available to users who have a customer relationship or paid license with C-iD.

The user can start the customer transformation process via the C-iD platform. The user has the choice between the possibilities (licenses) that C-iD offers at that moment. The user must closely follow the various steps that the process imposes.

Once the user has completed the customer registration process, he will have access, under certain conditions according to the chosen customer formula or user license, to the services and functionalities that are only available to users who have a customer relationship with C-iD.

C-iD must thoroughly identify the customer through the possibilities offered. The user acknowledges that certain questions or fields may be asked for identification. The user can receive these questions at a later time when using the platform or the app, or further supplement them via his user profile, when he first performs a certain assignment or functionality.


3 Identification of the user in the context of accessing and using C-iD

If the user has a customer relationship with C-iD, he is identified with the means of access when signing and at login.

When the user registers for the first time, he must agree to the agreement and other applicable conditions that the user must accept, where appropriate (also) in the name and on behalf of the (legal) person on whose behalf he acts (legal representative or power of attorney holder).


4 Services and functionalities associated with C-iD

4.1   General

A number of services and functionalities are assigned to each user by default. Other services and functionalities depend on the user group to which the user and/or the (legal) person in whose name and on whose behalf the user acts, or on compliance with additional conditions. Still others must be activated separately by the user.

The user acknowledges that even before the conclusion of the agreement, he has received all the documents that constitute the agreement and all information about the characteristics and functions of the additional services and functionalities offered in C-iD, so that he can check whether or not he wants to use the application and that he can only use the additional services under the conditions stipulated in the agreement.

In order to improve the ease of use and the experience of the C-iD user, the user is forwarded to the C-iD environment and platform in the sales processes. There, the user can select a usage license from a customer formula.

With C-iD, the user can, if necessary (also) in the name and on behalf of the (legal) person for whom he acts, also subscribe to agreements with an affiliated company of C-iD or with third parties.

In that case, C-iD only serves as a platform for the conclusion of that agreement. In that case, the user does not enter into a contract with C-iD but with that affiliated company or with the third party, which must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. C-iD does not act as an intermediary and does not mediate between the user and those other entities or those third parties. These agreements are subject to their own terms and conditions.

4.2   Liability

The liability of C-iD towards the user as a result of a shortcoming of C-iD can under no circumstances give rise to compensation for indirect damage of a financial, commercial or other nature.

C-iD cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage that could result for the user from a total or partial disruption of its services due to force majeure.

Force majeure is any unforeseeable event that escapes the reasonable control of a party and makes the performance of its obligations reasonably impossible or seriously impedes it. Force majeure includes, but is not limited to:

  • war, riots, terrorism, military operations, sabotage, insurrection, civil unrest, explosion, embargoes, an external strike (in the case of personnel other than their own personnel), robbery and burglary of buildings or computer networks;
  • the interruption of electrical power, telephone and other telecommunications links, whether announced or not, as well as the decommissioning of the computer network caused by factors beyond the immediate control of C-iD, and not caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of C-iD, its appointees or agents;
  • transaction problems caused by factors beyond the immediate control of C-iD, such as a temporary dropping of internet connections;
  • measures taken by Belgian or foreign authorities;
  • epidemic, pandemic, adverse weather conditions, fire, flood, earthquake, storm and other natural disasters, and nuclear disasters;
  • non-compliance by third parties with obligations they have assumed towards C-iD, for reasons beyond their control.

The user understands and accepts that C-iD cannot be held liable for the damage suffered by the user as a result of acts or omissions of third parties and/or acts or omissions of the user, including, but not limited to:

  • the poor or incorrect use of the platform and the app by the user;
  • the incorrect filling in of data or data by the user;
  • the incorrect transfer of files to the wrong new owner by the user;
  • the malfunctioning of the user's device. In the event of malfunction of, or adjustment problems in connection with, the device must be contacted only by the seller or manufacturer of the device, and not by C-iD;
  • security breaches by third parties despite the security measures of C-iD.

C-iD will use reasonable means to ensure that access to the platform and the app and its proper functioning are as undisturbed as possible. C-iD does not guarantee continuous and undisturbed use of the services and functions. For example, there may be circumstances, for example overloading the network, as a result of which the services and functionalities are temporarily not (fully) available. The user is also aware that malfunctions and/or the unavailability of an internet connection can hinder the use of the services and functionalities both within the platform and the app.

C-iD may temporarily limit or interrupt the use for updates, maintenance and the development of new services and functionalities, without C-iD owing any compensation. C-iD will inform the user in good time where reasonably possible.

4.3   Alterations

C-iD may change the provisions regarding the standard and additional services and functionalities without the explicit consent of the user.

C-iD can also implement changes in the context of security and updates at any time and immediately when C-iD deems it necessary.

C-iD reserves the right to change the conditions for enjoying the services and functions at any time.

The user is deemed to agree to the changes if he makes further use of the services and functionalities or if he has not canceled the customer formula or use license within thirty days after notification of the change.

4.4   Duration and termination of the agreement

The user has the extra services and functionalities as long as the C-iD agreement runs. If the user does not want additional services and functionalities, he must terminate the C-iD agreement.


5 Share and Transfer

C-iD offers the user who uses the platform or the app to share, in his own name and for his own account, and/or as proxy of another natural person, the possibility to share or transfer certain items such as files or "sites", which he owns, with all underlying passports or "C-iDs", buildings or "buildings" and residential units or "units".

Sharing and transferring can only be carried out after the co-user or new owner has been selected and/or designated just before confirming the action.

The user knows that after sharing items, such as buildings or passports, these and their child items are also visible by default to the user with whom he has shared them.

When sharing, the selected user becomes co-administrator of the file (site) and all underlying buildings, housing units and passports (C-iDs). The standard services and functions available to the user and co-administrator depend on the customer group or user profile to which this user belongs, as well as on the own C-iD agreement that he has at his disposal with additional services and functionalities for files, passports and products that he himself owns.

When transferring, the selected user becomes the new owner of the file (site) and all underlying buildings, residential units and passports (C-iDs), after which the user who performs the action himself no longer has access to the relevant file. Transactions of files cannot be revoked and can only be appealed to the new owner afterwards.


6 Offering building elements for sale

The user who owns a passport (C-iD) has the possibility to offer the corresponding physical building element for sale on the platform and the app, via the "for sale" function that can be found with the passport (C-iD) itself.

The passports (C-iDs) of the building elements offered for sale are public and visible to all visitors to the website as well as to all users on the platform and in the app in the second-hand section "2nd hand". The user knows that not only his name but from then on also his contact details are visible to the other users.


7 Visibility of (commercial) product data

The user who is a producer of a product knows that, via the function "commercial product" and ticking it that can be found in the relevant product data itself, his product data is public and visible to all visitors to the website as well as to all users on the platform and in the app in the product section "product data".


8 Notifications

The user knows and agrees that he can receive certain notifications on his device before he is logged into the app, these notifications are called 'push notifications'. This allows C-iD to approach the user at the relevant moment.

The user has the free choice to give C-iD access to his location data. If the user gives that permission, C-iD uses his location to support him or for other reasons about which C-iD informs the user in advance.


9 Obligations and liability of the user

The user must immediately inform C-iD of the theft, falsification or any other misuse of C-iD and/or its means of access.

The user must update his C-iD application as soon as possible when an update is offered and work as much as possible with the most recent version of the application. If the user does not do so in a timely manner, C-iD has the right to block access to the app. C-iD only guarantees the correctness of the information provided, such as manuals and tips, if the user has the most recent version of C-iD.

The user can personalize items, files, passports and possibly products via the app by adding a photo. He is fully responsible for the content of the photo that he uploads himself. The user may not upload photos that are racist, derogatory or pornographic in nature or that violate applicable laws.

In addition, the user is prohibited from accessing or using services and functions on the platform or in the app:

  • for activities where the failure of C-iD could result in death, serious personal injury, or cause serious environmental or property damage;
  • for materials or activities subject to international arms trade regulations; or
  • in a manner contrary to the applicable export regulations or to restrictive measures of an economic nature issued by the United Nations, the European Union, the Kingdom of Belgium and its communities and regions, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The user is liable for all debts arising from their use from the moment the means of access are issued and when registering with C-iD. These debts are also attributable to the (legal) person in whose name and on whose behalf the user acts (as legal representative or proxy holder).

In the event of loss, theft or misuse of his device and/or means of access, the user or the (legal) person in whose name and on whose behalf the user acts (as legal representative or proxy holder) bears the risk arising from their unlawful use.


10     Obligations and liability of C-iD

C-iD must bear the risk of sending or providing the means of access to access the platform, its user profile and items that it owns or co-manages.


11     Security

The means of access are strictly personal and confidential. The user must take all reasonable measures to keep his means of access as secure as possible.

The user must not leave his device and his means of access unattended.

He must never give his device and his means of access to third parties (including partner, family, friends and colleagues who are not authorized) or have them used by them.

He may not disclose the means of access by telephone or e-mail.

He may not record the means of access on paper or other durable medium.

He must enter the means of access discreetly and use the device discreetly. The user must ensure that no one can see them.

The user, when disposing of his device (for example, when selling it), must first uninstall the C-iD app.

The user must ensure that their device meets the system and security requirements. To this end, the user respects the system protections built into his device, so that he can use C-iD in a safe manner. If the user deliberately disables these system protections, C-iD is not liable for any resulting damage.

The user is fully liable for the risks associated with his own equipment (including his device) and more specifically for the risks of unauthorized access, modifications, destruction or loss of the message during (trans)actions. The resulting damage is exclusively at the expense of the user.

C-iD reserves the right to analyse any access to C-iD in order to prevent, limit or remedy abuse. In the event of suspicion of suspicious use or unauthorized access to the user's platform and/or app by a third party, C-iD can automatically prevent this access and block further access for the third party concerned.


12     Duration and termination of the agreement

The agreement is valid for an indefinite period and is automatically renewed monthly or annually according to the chosen formula or license. The user can terminate his agreement at any time free of charge. He can always terminate the monthly agreement with a notice period of two months, unless an annual customer formula or user license has been agreed, whereby he benefits from a (commercial) discount and the agreement must be terminated two months in advance before the (annual) start and end date.

C-iD may terminate the agreement immediately without prior notice of default or judicial intervention:

  • if trust in the user has been seriously damaged;
  • if the user does not comply with the security procedures;
  • if there is serious breach of contract.


13     Changes to the Agreement and additions of new services and features

C-iD may modify the provisions of this agreement, including the fee, without the user's explicit consent. The user can terminate the agreement free of charge within the predetermined period if he does not agree with the changes. Changes become binding on the user and the (legal) person in whose name and on whose behalf the user acts (as legal representative or proxy holder), if he has not terminated the agreement within the notice period after the notification.


14     Compensation

C-iD does not charge a fee for the standard services and functionalities. C-iD will communicate the remuneration for the additional services and functions, in the form of customer formulas or user licenses, to the user.

The user bears the costs for the purchase, installation and operation of his device and the C-iD app. He also bears the costs of access to the Internet.


15     Processing of personal data

C-iD collects some data from the user that is necessary for the platform and the app to work correctly and to also guarantee the user the service and functionality.

C-iD wants to process the personal and company data of the user in a legal, correct and transparent manner. The user can find more information about the processing and exchange of his data in the privacy statement. There, the user also reads what his rights are and how he can exercise them.

The privacy statement or Privacy Policy is available via the website www.c-id.org


16     Cookie statement

C-iD uses cookies and similar technologies in the platform and the app to make the ease of use and experience of C-iD more pleasant and to adapt it to the needs and preferences of the user groups, for analysis purposes, for execution or to be able to send (commercial) messages.

The user can find more information about the use of cookies by C-iD in the cookie statement. The cookie statement or Cookie Policy is available via the website www.c-id.org


17     Intellectual

All intellectual property rights (or at least the rights to grant the user user rights of use) in the platform and the documentation, information, publications and fixed data offered belong to C-iD. The user may not infringe those rights. The user receives a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right of use for the duration of this agreement. The user may not make brands, logos, software programs, documentation, publications, data or other elements of C-iD on which intellectual property rights rest, in any way whatsoever, directly or indirectly, free of charge or for remuneration, wholly or partly available to third parties and distribute, reproduce, copy, translate, edit, compile or otherwise change them, unless this is done with the prior written consent of C-iD.

Reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, adapting, archiving, distributing, offering for sale, licensing or creating derivative works based on C-iD or any part thereof is not permitted. All intellectual property rights relating to the platform and the app belong to C-iD and/or its licensors. The user is not granted any rights with the exception of what is expressly described in these regulations.


18     Complaints

If the user or the (legal) person in whose name and on whose behalf the user acts, has a complaint in connection with the app or service, he and she can contact us via the relevant contact form that he and she can find via the website www.c-id.org


19     Help Desk

For all questions about C-iD, the user can contact:

C-iD+32 (0)89 23 05 40


20     Applicable law and competent courts

The rights and obligations of the user and of C-iD are subject to Belgian law. All disputes fall under the jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.

The language of the platform and the app is also the language in which C-iD provides contractual and other information and communicates with the user during the term of the agreement.